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Our Raison d'Être

"Started from the bottom, now we here."

In this 110th year of our Noble Clan, and forward, our gratitude will only be matched by our passion to embody its high principles; to make manifest its laudable purposes; to strengthen the Bond; to substantively and measurably impact the environments we occupy; to expand Kappa Alpha Psi®’s footprint, by serving deserving, but underserved, communities; and to encourage, guide, coach, mentor, and otherwise assist our younger generations, in order to give them the best possible opportunities to develop into productive, fruitful, and successful members of their communities – and citizens of the world. This is our collective endeavor.

TCAC looks forward to contributing to the Eastern Province and partnering with other Province chapters to serve the greater good – within Kappa Alpha Psi®, throughout the African-American community*, and for our nation.

*Note: In the spirit of our great Fraternity’s principle of inclusivity regarding membership, TCAC is willing to serve any disadvantaged community. We specified the African-American community here for two reasons: (1) That is where the greatest collective need resides. (2) Our great Founders formed our Noble Clan specifically to address the needs of African Americans in the midst of an environment of institutional racism. Both those needs and that environment still exist.