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Our Roots


During the pilgrimage to Indiana for the momentous Conclave celebrating the Centennial of our Noble Clan, a number of Brothers met to discuss the prospect of finally establishing an alumni chapter for the Towson and Catonsville communities of Baltimore County. At this gathering, they dedicated themselves to bringing this aspiration to fruition.

The Brothers who were present there included the following:

  • Tom Campbell

  • Jeff W. Flournoy

  • Karl P. Jones, now the Vice Polemarch of TCAC

  • Delryl R. Law

  • Kenneth A. Moore, Sr.

  • Lamont O. Norwood

  • Keith A. Stith, now the Polemarch of TCAC

  • Kendall L. White

  • Joseph V. Williams

Brothers representing Zeta Gamma, Theta Chi, Lambda Zeta, Lambda Mu, and other chapters agreed to begin the worthy and challenging process of petitioning the Eastern Province for the reclamation of Brothers through the formation of the proposed chapter. We learned much on the ensuing path.


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