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Fundraising Committee

The TCA Fundraising Committee has taken on the task of providing funding for our service programs across committees, as well as establishing events and activities which will benefit our surrounding communities and TCA Brethren. Imagination, inclusion, pursuit of perfection, and fraternalism form the basis for our innovative approach to fundraising for the Chapter. 

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We view ourselves as the
"9-5 Blue-Collar Workers" of TCA.

We are poised to support the Chapter in the formation of a foundation which will significantly aid TCA in its efforts to provide major events for our communities as well as Kappa Alpha Psi®. Our vision is to create fresh, new events and activities through the use of our extensive relationships, as well as new relationships garnered within the communities we serve and beyond. We have already taken action by leading TCA through several in-house fundraisers and then establishing our highly successful Chartering Ceremony at the Blue Dolphin Banquet Facility in Gambrills, MD, on November 20, 2021. We were tasked with organizing the entire affair in just over thirty days and had the foresight to place the correct Brothers in place to make the celebration of this historic event a very successful evening.

TCA's Fundraising Committee is made up of Brothers who possess the necessary skills to bring these new and innovative ideas to fruition. In addition to these Brothers, the Fundraising Committee retains every committee chair in the Chapter to facilitate a direct reflection of each Committee's ideas and needs.

In addition to supporting our national and local charities and service programs, we are looking toward the future when we can hold joint fundraising activities not only with other Eastern Province chapters, but other D9 organizations and local 501(c)(3) organizations as well. Collaborative and fraternalistic endeavors will raise funding for us as we raise the bar for fundraising altogether.

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Stay tuned for TCA's innovative approach to raising funds
within a fraternal organization.

This is the Towson-Catonsville Alumni Chapter
Fundraising Committee,

"Where Fraternalism Happens".